Tommy Cunningham - Sheriff

The Sheriff of Madison County is responsible for protecting the citizens of Madison County by providing a secure holding facility for persons legally confined in the county.   Our mission is to provide a cost effective, high degree of security for the citizens of Madison County and to provide for the safety of staff and inmates at each correctional facility. The Corrections Division is responsible for providing the care, custody and control of the inmates incarcerated in the Madison County Jail System.  The jail exists for the detention of persons as required by law. Confined in the jail are persons serving time for crimes for which they have been convicted, and others who are awaiting trial, transfer to other county or municipal facilities, or transfer to the state prison system. In keeping with the philosophy of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, convicted prisoners are sentenced to jail as punishment, not for punishment, and will be treated in such a manner as to provide maximum security without undue discomfort. All inmates are treated in a humane and courteous manner without regard to personal prejudices and feelings.  The primary goal of the Madison County Sheriff's Office Corrections Division is to protect and maintain the peace and security of the community by holding those individuals who have been legally incarcerated.

Captain Tom Rudder

Criminal Justice Complex


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